While you don't specifically need a lift for this project, it sure makes things MUCH easier!  So, let's get this car in the air and see what we can do.  The Z3 ended up being more tricky than most for us to get lined up on the lift - but, after a few adjustments we were ready to begin.  You'll want to do this project on a car that is cold.  We drained the system completely, and began removing parts.  We replaced most of the system except for the crazy water hose that runs the length of the motor - this one was in good shape.  We attacked the radiator, mechanical fan, auxiliary fan, hoses, thermostat, water pump, and expansion tank.  If you are going to do this work on a BMW, it really makes sense to just replace everything you can touch.  Dumping the coolant will make a bit of a mess.

 We also decided to replace the pulleys and belts while we were doing this work.  While not completely necessary, it's an easy time to go ahead and do this work.  The cost is minimal and it only takes a few minutes.






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